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Stainless steel tanks

Our products excel in excellent surface qualities, guarantee constant reliability and ensure compliance with highest hygienic standards. Efficient heating and cooling systems as well as integrated agitators in process vessels provide optimal conditions for storing and processing.

Combining innovative manufacturing technologies with excellent knowledge of the trade we set standards not merely in terms of feasibility but we also significantly stand out from the market in terms of our product quality.

We design, manufacture, assemble and install:

  • Chocolate tanks
  • Food tanks
  • Tanks for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries
  • Beverage tanks
  • Tanks for industry and raw materials
  • Special design
  • Tank equipment

Supply and assembly

Delivery and assembly complete our service profile. Skilled and experienced workers of Apparate- und Behältertechnik Heldrungen GmbH ensure that our tanks are loaded professionally. Only those highly qualified forwarding agencies are used which carry out large capacity and heavy goods transports competently.

In addition to detailed planning and coordinated assembly of our tanks we also organise the supply of hoisting devices and transport units at the place of installation.

Our motivated assembly team with many years of experience bring tanks to their planned destinations, even in areas with difficult structural conditions, then supported by special devices.