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Tanks for the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries

Both Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries make greatest demands on quality, safety and reliability. Material, surface finish and integrated equipment are subject to specific requirements. Using latest technologies, facilities and know how, we ensure that our products are perfectly adjusted to our customers´ specifications and basic conditions and excel in excellent surface qualities and in an increased longevity.

All pharmaceutical and chemical vessels manufactured by A&B meet national and international pharmaceutical and company standards.

Our range includes:

  • Process mixers
  • WFI vessels
  • PUW vessels
  • CIP tanks
  • mixing tanks

We design and manufacture pharmaceutical and chemical vessels as storage and pressure vessels in various forms and sizes as well as with special equipment:

  • Agitators
  • Heating / cooling systems
  • Insulation
  • Integration of various connections
  • Tanks with access for maintenance, repair work, etc.
  • Mobile tanks